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Welcome to Wiesbaden!

Congratulations on your new assignment and welcome to Europe District!

You have chosen a great assignment. Wiesbaden is one of the most attractive cities in Germany, with an abundance of leisure activities, providing a cosmopolitan atmosphere blended with an attractive cultural ambiance, extraordinary architecture and endearing charm. Practically everyone in our organization has gone through the Permanent Change of Station process and understands the challenges and excitement you will encounter before and after your move. To support your transition to the district, the Employee Support Office (ESO) in collaboration with Information Management (IM) created this page to provide essential tools and information to answer many questions you may ask during the PCSing process. It provides a plethora of information on topics including: schools, housing, spouse support programs, buying/shipping vehicles, plus much, much more to assist in making this a smooth and enjoyable transitional experience. It will also be a great resource after you have settled in and want to learn more about the many opportunities that surround and await you here.

Again welcome, we are looking forward to you joining our Europe District team!

Lisa A. Kendrix
Chief, Employee Support Office (ESO)

View from the top of Nerotal Park

Help with your move

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