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Welcome to Europe District!

Hello! Hallo! Ciao!

No matter what country you are going to or what language is spoken, we welcome you to the Europe District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers! John and I are very excited to have you on the team.

While the District supports military construction in numerous countries, District Spouses also have the opportunity to make a difference while making connections. We have a private Facebook page just for District Spouses and Families (Europe District Family Share). There you will be able to connect to other District Spouses, ask questions, coordinate events, and share in the experience that is Europe regardless of your location. You will also find the monthly invite to our District coffees and the monthly Spouse newsletter (The District Dish). In addition, Europe District sponsors Wiesbaden Middle School. Spouses have the opportunity to support this sponsorship through volunteering at numerous school functions (STEM night, Mousetrap Races, Book Fair, etc.). The District also has a relationship with every Army garrison in Europe, and we can connect you to those communities as well, no matter where you will be living. I truly hope that you will reach out and connect with us from wherever you call home.

There is a place for you in the District, and we look forward to getting to know you.

Building Strong!

Rachel Baker


Garrisons near Europe District facilities