Author: Lori Egan, USACE
  • July

    Annual conference solicits feedback from supported agencies

    During February’s seventh annual Stakeholder Care Workshop, Europe District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, project delivery teams met with supported commands and agencies to discuss the last year and the way forward.
  • June

    Sustainability manager discusses energy initiatives in construction at conference

    OBERAMMERGAU, Germany – Discussing the similarities and differences of U.S. and German building requirements, how U.S. fiscal law and regulatory guidance effects the construction process and the importance of communication were topics of the 25th annual U.S. and German Partnering Conference at the NATO School here April 26-27. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Europe District hosts the conference in order to foster communication with U.S. stakeholders and German Construction Agency partners from the four German states U.S. forces live – Rhineland-Pfalz, Hessen, Baden-Württemburg and Bavaria, the location of this year’s conference, said organizer Peter Barth, host nation liaison and a regional program manager for the district.